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Commercial Drones – A flying Hazard…

Once considered as a military weapon, drones are now entering every part of the society. From hobbyist to local law enforcement to the kids in your neighborhood it seems as if everybody owns one. Over the past few years, the commercial drone market has seen an exponential growth. They are no longer limited to hobby-flying or filming, … Continue reading Commercial Drones – A flying Hazard…

Drones – a principal weapon of future wars?

The first image that pops up in our mind when someone says the word drone, is a lean-mean high-flying unmanned aircraft launching missiles and blowing up things. While it might be partially right, it does not remotely describe the full spectrum of modern day drone, most of them being armed with nothing more than a … Continue reading Drones – a principal weapon of future wars?

The United States Airforce -Overengineering itself into crisis.

The United States Airforce is one of the most recent branches of the U.S. military. Initially, a part of the United States Army, it was created on the 18th of September 1947 under the national security act of 1947. With 5000+ aircraft, 450 ICBMs, 63 dedicated satellites, employing more than 1/2 a million personnel and … Continue reading The United States Airforce -Overengineering itself into crisis.

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